B x D

An on-going list called B x D (Biohack x Design), a sort of a 
manifesto that positions what I do in relation to how most people 
may understand biohacking and design:

*** Molecular Design (vs. Genetic Modification)
*** DNA Sequence Follows Function (vs. Form Follows Function)
*** Hands-on Speculation (vs. Dry Speculation)
*** Speculation through Realisation
*** Microbial (vs. Exclusively Bacterial/Fungal)
*** Nano-typing (vs. Prototyping)
*** Micro-typing (vs. Prototyping)
*** Geno-typing (vs. Prototyping)
*** Proteo-typing (ie.Protein-related Designs)
*** Bio-facture (vs. Manufacture)
*** Interaction (vs. Infection)
*** Present (vs. Invisible, Unseen, Microscopic)
*** Tangible (vs. Invisible)
*** Moulds (vs. Moulding)
*** Grow (vs. Make)
*** For the Individual (vs. For the Masses)
*** Sceptical (vs. Sustainable)
*** Provocation (vs. Innovation)
*** Hunt (vs. Buy)
*** Question (vs. Shock, Gore)
*** Nature AND Nurture (vs. Nature OR Nurture)
*** Wet Experiments (vs. Dry Experiments)
*** "Labudio" (vs. Studio or Lab)
*** Participation (vs Collaboration)
*** Portray (vs Promote)