Biomaids (2011)

Human Oral Cavity: Microbial Landscape
Human Spitting Device

Human saliva contains abundance of micro-organisms. A tiny drop typically contains millions of species, thousands of which are undiscovered, their functions yet to be fully understood. Biomaids are a fictional group of people with special properties in their saliva. It contains a specific group of bacteria capable of converting fibrous plant materials into fuel.

Such special powers have not gone unnoticed by energy companies. Cherry-picked from general population, Biomaids are loaned out to various households to donate saliva and the special bacteria residing within. Biomaids project is a response to the recent Human Microbiome Project: A world-wide, $157 million scientific study aiming to unlock the mysteries of unidentified symbionts that make up the majority of the human body.

What kinds of function could undiscovered micro-organisms have within our body, and in what ways could they be harnessed? What are the potential social implications that may arise as a result?

- Project exhibited at Demain C’est Aujourd’hui 4, St Etienne Biennale, France